How to Add an Ally (FB)

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How to Add an Ally (FB)

Post by LadyMuffin on Tue May 25, 2010 5:53 pm

How To Add an Ally from Facebook

After you made your Facebook account (see how here), you're ready to add allies to your ally list! Add a few members to your friends list here, and then you're all set. Here's how:
1. Once you're on the main game screen (through FB), you should see a bar along the right side of the game screen that has two boxes (they say "Add Ally" in them. Hint hint! Lol xD)
2. Click on one of the boxes, and it should take you to another screen. Just follow the directions and add the friends from the alliance that are on your friends list.
3. Wait for them to accept your request. Once they have you can do two things:
a. Send them a free gift. Lumber is probably the most preferred gift, but you can ask your allies what gift they'd like. But it's really up to you Razz. They usually send you a gift back, so I recommend being vigilant with the gift-giving Very Happy
b. Visit their empire. Here, you can click the button that says "Help Increase Production". Click it, click yes, then you've just received a resource box for helping them! You get 80k food and 20k each of the other resources. They also get a box of 80k food and 30k each of other resources. This is a wonderful way to get loads of free resources. The resource boxes can be found under the "Chest" tab in "My Items".

Hope this helped you out!

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