Michelangelo's Script and Mayor

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Michelangelo's Script and Mayor

Post by jjv on Fri Jun 04, 2010 9:06 pm

In order to raise a building/resource field to a lvl 10, you must have a Michelangelo's Script. I use the following priority on what to use them on.

1 - Town Hall - gives you three more resource fields
2 - Walls - strengthens them and gives you room for more defenses
3 - Rally Point - allows you to send out more troops
4 - Relief Station - allows faster transporting and reinforcing
5 - Barracks - allows you to build Catapults
6 - Academy - Allows more research
7 - resource fields - generates more resources and allows for lvl 10 research - not as important if the research is already done.

The remaining buildings are not as necessary to be lvl 10s. Warehouses, cottages, and the Inn are not needed. The Feasting Hall is helpful in that it gives you an extra hero slot, but again, is not necessary. The Forge and Workshop allow additional research as well, but are low on the priority list. This is all based on my time on age1. I am still familarizing myself with age2, so there may be some differences which would affect these priorities.

When choosing a mayor, there are several factors to consider. First of all, your primary mayor should always be one with a high politics rating. Here are how the different factors affect your mayor.

Politics - lowers build time and generates more resources
Attack - decreases troop training time
Intelligence - decreases research time


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