Defensive Tactics

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Defensive Tactics

Post by jjv on Fri Jun 04, 2010 8:01 pm

Wall Defenses:

It is important to have multiple layers when attacking or defending in Evony. For your wall defenses, you want to have all types of defenses. What I usually shoot for is the following:

Lvl 9/10 walls
300k traps
100k abatis
1 rolling log
1 def trebuchet
Every thing else Archer towers

After being attacked, if you lose wall defenses, be sure to rebuild the layers first. I always add back my rolling log and defensive trebuchet, then rebuild the rest of my losses. This is especially important if you have multiple waves attacking your city.

Troops in your city:
There are several different tactics to use based on what you are being attacked with, I will just give the basics for now.

First, you do not want to have cavalry in your city when being attacked. They ride out to meet the enemy and start the battle sooner, not giving your archer towers as much time to fire.

Then, you want to have about 1k of each workers/swords/pikes and thousands of warriors. They are quick and easy to replace. Your primary defense should be archers. As your troop numbers get bigger, increase the number of warriors to match or exceed that of your archers.

If you ever get attacked by what is called a scout bomb, which is an attack with nothing but scouts designed to take out yoru archers, close your gates, then reopen them for the more traditional attacks.

Feel free to add your thoughts and comments and I will add more to this as we all increase the size of our armies.


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