Attacking Colonys

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Attacking Colonys

Post by Trax on Sun May 30, 2010 11:10 pm

When attacking some1, after you scout them you will see a list at the bottom of the report that shows a % of the troop amounts the suzerain uses to defend those cities. If the city you want to attack has a strong defence, then you can attack 1 of his colonys. The suzerains troops will defend the colony that gets attacked. If it is a small city the suzerain is also stuck with the wall defences & techs of that city he's defending. So it can be easy to wipe out some1s troops if they are unaware of what they're doing.

A small exploit exist for the same type of attack method. There is a 3 second window to attack a main city while the troops are out defending another. The best method for this is to attack a colony with 1 warrior. While all the troops are out defending your main attack hits the cities defences. You can also give them a double whammy by killing their troops & defences with 2 seperate attacks, with minimal losses.


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